Newlyweds Lost Bowl, which was one of hundreds of stolen – CBS Chicago

8 Dec

Newlyweds Lost Bowl, which was one of hundreds of stolen – CBS Chicago
This vessel has been recorded by hundreds of stolen Chicago police put on display this month. When relatives of Stefanie McDonald Wowchuk I saw it on TV, it was recognized that. He recovered and put back on the table. (Credit: CBS) Reports underNoticias KozlovFiled local Dana, Seen on CBS 2, Syndicated Local, Watch + EscucharTags relacionadosBowl, Chicago Police, Dana Kozlov incision recovered Wowchuk Stefanie McDonald, articles robadosNo miss it best events in December: Caring for Your boredom edible holiday gifts best in Chicago deceased celebrities rent 2012 Place: Gift Guide and more horrible Horoscope: Do not say that I warned you … CHICAGO (CBS) – On Sunday evening, I spoke with hundreds of stolen items on display at a police station Side.El Northwest Thursday there was a happy ending for CBS 2 informar.Dana Kozlov shows one of the stolen items was not enough staff – a plate engraved with the wedding date of August Wowchuk Stefanie McDonald and her husband, sitting next Matt.Se Sunday, just in the middle of hundreds of stolen items inside the block Police District 13. The police saw right away that was the most personal to the police incautado.Al had apparently done Stefanie family and friends when they saw the CBS 2 Report robados.Ahora goods are at home, high on a coffee table , which should have been the whole time before someone has apparently stolen from his porch. “I know that many people have lost so much more valuable, but it is important for us. Has the date of our wedding,” said the sergeant Stefanie.Policía Chicago. David Weigand Stefanie said when he came to the station to reclaim their stolen property “was almost like the whole room stopped. ‘S like,’ Stefanie ‘” The officers were so excited to give something in return, has took a photo with her, and took more special than Bob recipiente.Funcionario Gilleran said. “We had two people that lead to the” Now there is a new mystery, spouses still do not know who gave them the cup . Regarding other issues, officials said more than 400 people came to see the stolen items, but, unfortunately, were only able to return to a dozen items.

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