Meo ~! The Ruxa ~!

6 Dec

Meo ~! The Ruxa ~!
My Dream Job (XD not ideal) November 26, 2012 Leave a comentariopor felineservantin UncategorizedEtiquetas: Animator, Anime, Art, Artist, Manga, MangakaSi I have a job that I like to be an animator, a person who encourages characters and objects. I’d like to do this job because I always like the way things have gone from a pencil sketch, still, it becomes a living character completely, moving, have emotions, etc. I always like to draw too long (yes, that’s my XD Blogs are not scatter brain of an artist is, in fact, since it would create a world that the most likely is that there is, if the artists are very confused XD). If you failed to get the job you aspire to be a mangaka or manga artist makes their own manga (Japanese comics) and I really enjoy reading them is like an adventure in its own XD. I’d like to do that too, because all the people you meet and all the places you have to see ahh, the story is a doozy too. I am not the most direct way is to animator XD Oh I’m fascinated by the movement of the animation fascinates me todo.Mi favorite movie of all tiempos22 November 2012 Leave your comentariopor felineservantin UncategorizedEtiquetas: favorite movie, Princess Mononoke, Studio GhilbiMi favorite movie is probably the Princess Mononoke. This film is an animated film about the gods and how humans are destroying the earth and there is also the involvement of demons too. This film tells only can be different, but not different from the higher beings, such as the wolf god Maro. Good for the exception that the gods can live infinitely more than we do. This film can be more than two hours, but I would say it was the best four hours of my life (and I’ve seen the film twice). To conclude this post, so I hope to write Ib. (Seriously I’m so forgetful == I have to write Ib.) Helado20 my favorite flavors of November 2012 Leave your comentariopor felineservantin UncategorizedEtiquetas:. HeladosMi favouroite cream ice cream flavor of mint chocolate I like the taste of dark chocolate in contrast to Part mint mint cream. Chocolate mint is preferred is probably my second favorite because I love the sweetness of the strawberry is in the mouth, ahh well. (Yes, you probably have a really bad sweet tooth XD) Well, if you think about what my third favorite ice cream flavor is probably just normal natural vanilla flavor. Yes, I just wrote that my favorite flavor is the third vanilla. Ahh, I forgot to write about it really eh … I really like the sweet taste of vanilla just melts and becomes salty sweet vanilla. Yes, for those with a sweet tooth I have one. Next post is probably the horror game Ib almost nobody knows. Hello world! November 14, 2012 1 Comentariopor felineservantin UncategorizedBienvenido to! This is your first post. Click the Edit link to edit or delete, or start a new post. If you wish, use this post to tell readers why I started this blog and what you do with él.Blogging happy!

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