Friend us also lacked lovers Agreements – Jay Jay Pistolet V2

6 Dec

Friend us also lacked lovers Agreements – Jay Jay Pistolet V2
4All optimization estándarCapo capoacordes Regarding chords used: Am CGE Fintro: CGE CVERSO C Am FG GHE lost the will to live and the life of Directors to another person who will give FG CY’ll fly much higher than before I flew CI GPorque rained and I sighed and cried I tried to run AMHE And my tear ducts dry FG CPero still clean, because my menteCORO: And am Oh, I tried Chasing Cars And AMHE reached the stars I Am GCUna time when I did I appreciated that denied our ERAF G CIn line somewhere deVERSOUsted blue and shaped me verdeMis seasons won my chance, I was sidoAhora envy of all the love of your life that is fun all llegarTomará I tengoCumplir with you in ways that do not Although they seem to have + unable’m willing to give a oportunidadCORO: So I put escribirDe bark paper and I will be born nuevoPorque if they are made of cardboard and then will review all desires cajasy six hard musgoPuente: CGE Am FGC x2 (whistle a second time) Chorus: Oh, I have always said that Mark AvenidaAlgo’ve haríaMe’m move to a real path to start nuevoTal time I forget tifinal in C we lacked friend Lovers Agreements – Jay Jay Pistolet V2 5 votes, 3.00 AVG. Evaluation (63% of score)

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